The MANG Bros

In 2015 - twin brothers Keith & Kyle founded MANG and started their mission to change the world one mangrove at a time. Creating new life has always been a passion for the MANG bros. This dream came to fruition through the development of MANG and the Buy One. Plant One. initiative which plants a mangrove for every product purchased through MANG.

Mangroves are a critical life source for the environment. They not only provide habitat for multiple types of wildlife, but they also provide the basic nutrients that kick start the cycle of life in the estuary.
The MANG bros developed this initiative as a way to give back and to further enrich and protect our coastlines. The importance of mangroves goes far beyond the eye and there is a need for basic education about these environments.

"As Florida natives, Keith and I felt that our schools may be neglecting to teach children about the basic functions of our coastal ecosystems. As avid fisherman and outdoorsmen, we both recognized the importance of preserving and conserving our coastal habitats. Our goal is to make sure that there is an abundance of wildlife for future generations. Just one new life can make a difference." - Kyle Rossin | MANG CEO
MANG | Changing the World One Mangrove at a Time

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    How can I volunteer to plant seedlings in Abaco?

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