Youth Sawfish MANG
Youth Sawfish MANG
Youth Sawfish MANG
Youth Sawfish MANG
Youth Sawfish MANG

Youth Sawfish MANG

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New year, same vision... MANG is partnering with the Sawfish Conservation Society! Sawfish are a species that live close to the mangroves and are found in shallow water estuaries around the world. MANG is dedicated to bringing light to the challenges that the species face, as critical coastal habitats become more pressured. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from our smalltooth “Sawfish MANG” collection that will go back to sawfish conservation.

When you buy this product you are planting a mangrove through our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative.


100% Polyester
50 UPF Ultraviolet Sun Protection
Moisture Wicking
Odor Resistant
Silky Smooth Feel & Breathable Flow
Standard Fit



The Buy One. Plant One. Initiative

In 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin came together with one mission in mind – to change the world one mangrove at a time. This mission was cultivated through a passion for the environment and coastal communities around the world. The twins needed a means to fund this mission and thus MANG was born. MANG is a high-performance apparel company that plants one mangrove for every product sold. The Buy One. Plant One.® initiative is more than just planting mangroves. It’s about preserving and restoring coastal habitats and communities. 

Why mangroves?

  1. Act as a buffer between land and sea protecting the land against storm surges, boat wakes, and natural disasters.
  2. Hold sediment in place, preventing soil erosion and creating cleaner water ways.
  3. Provide habitat for all fish, crustacean, and bird species.
  4. #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world, locking down and providing carbon to our nearshore and offshore environments.
  5. Provide nutrients through falling of leaves & branches, also known as detritus. This is the start of the food web in our oceans.

Mangroves are a keystone species. Without mangroves, our coastal environments would suffer. At MANG we hope to inspire others who have the same passion to protect, preserve, and enjoy the resources that we have. With your support we can all make a difference and ensure healthy ecology for generations to come. 


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