To help combat the dramatic effects of charcoal farming and clear-cutting of forests, MANG partners with Eden Reforestation Projects to create new growth and jobs in Madagascar.

668,691 lbs

of blue carbon sequestered

95.5 Acres

of mangrove forests created

$7.44 Million

in ecosystem benefits generated

Madagascar is home to 200,000 animal species that do not exist anywhere else on the planet, but over 90% of the nation has been deforested in the wake of charcoal farming, leaving the island and its inhabitants in serious danger. Starting in 2007, Eden Reforestation Projects began restoring these lost mangrove forests, and has since expanded into planting other dry, deciduous species in order to preserve the island.

Through MANG’s dedicated plot of land in Madagascar, Eden has helped us plant 95.5 acres of mangrove forests, directly creating 53 local jobs in the coastal northwest region of the island, which makes us incredibly proud to be their partner. And with MANG’s Buy One. Plant One.® promise, every piece of apparel you purchase gets us one step closer to saving the world, one mangrove at a time.

Come shop our collections and join the movement to change the world, one mangrove at a time.