Planting the Ocean.
One Mangrove At a Time.

More than a social giveback brand. We’re Planting the Ocean.

We started MANG with the goal of planting mangroves across Florida to help restore our local communities and preserve this amazing ecosystem for future generations. We never wanted to stop at donating a percentage of sales—we actually wanted to use our scientific knowledge to grow, plant, and lead restoration first hand. So we started a nursery at our West Palm Beach, Florida, headquarters and got to work growing mangroves and printing high-quality UPF 50 gear.

Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to expand our planting across the globe with other nonprofits, scientific researchers, and community leaders who share our same passion for eco-restoration. Come take a look at where we’re planting and how your purchases are literally reshaping these shorelines and preserving local communities.

United States

The Bahamas


Cleaner Air
Cleaner Oceans
Cleaner Planet

Did you know mangroves are the #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world, and habitat to 70% of marine life along our coastlines? Mangroves are truly a keystone species for our planet, working in tandem with other flora, like seagrasses, to trap harmful carbon and clean our oceans.

But mangroves also provide critical habitat for both marine and avian life—acting as a sanctuary for fish and sponges, nutrient source for crabs, and a shoreline protector against erosion and storm surge. Unfortunately, people often don’t understand the critical relationship between mangroves and the local community, and many of these trees are cut down to make way for coastal housing developments or uprooted and burned for charcoal farming overseas.