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Plants a Mangrove.

Buy One. Plant One.®

One mangrove is planted for every product purchased. MANG is a high performance apparel & gear company dedicated to the restoration and preservation of coastal ecosystems worldwide. Through our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative, our mission is to change the world one mangrove at a time to ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come.

Coral Restoration Foundation™


MANG is collaborating with Coral Restoration Foundation™ by donating a portion of proceeds from our “Octamang Collection”, to coral reef restoration.

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Buy One. Plant One.®

Join the Initiative

MANG's mission is to see our coastal ecosystems flourish. With this goal in mind - we founded our Buy One. Plant One.® Initiative. Through this initiative, we plant 1 mangrove for every product sold.

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Coral Restoration Octamang Collection

This month, MANG is partnering with Coral Restoration Foundation™ to give back to their coral reef restoration efforts and planting one mangrove for every product sold from our limited edition octamang collection.

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