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More than a social giveback brand.
We’re Planting the Ocean.

Since starting MANG in 2015 we’ve been lucky enough to expand our planting across the globe with other nonprofits, scientific researchers, and community leaders who share our same passion for eco-restoration. Come take a look at where we’re planting and how your purchases are literally reshaping these shorelines and preserving local communities.

Our Projects

Maturing mangroves growing in a field


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Budding mangroves growing in the wilderness

The Bahamas

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Madagascar native volunteer planting mangrove seedling in shallow water deep into soil


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How to Get Involved

MANG volunteers planting mangroves in a field


Come get your hands dirty and become a MANG Botanist. Each month, MANG holds nursery events open to the public at our HQ in West Palm Beach, FL. This is a great way for our local community to immerse themselves in the world of mangroves, interacting with our staff and exploring our ongoing restoration methods.

There are both nursery and planting excursions open to our volunteers, if you want to join us in the wild. Become a volunteer today to get exclusive access to our future planting events in the wild.

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MANG volunteers educating children about the importance of mangrove restoration across the globe


MANG is committed to not only the restoration of our ecosystems, but also the education of our future generations. Led by Kyle and Keith personally, MANG partners with school systems and surrounding communities to both educate the next generation of Mini MANGs and lead volunteer planting missions to see the effect of mangrove forests first hand. MANG’s core values of restoration, education, and apparel are helping us propagate change thanks to amazing supporters like you.

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Keith and Kyle Rossin of MANG Gear posing for a photo next to Jupiter Lighthouse


Looking to add a brand to your planogram that makes a big impact in our communities? Invite MANG to be a part of your store front!

Our unique designs and Buy One. Plant One.® initiative are a great way to turn the tide with some fresh MANG® gear. We release new collections each month and have flexible MOQs (minimum order quantities) to best match your sales program.

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Close-up of people wearing MANG apparel on a sunny day

Built for Mother Nature

We work to create products that can stand up to what mother nature has to throw at them. This means we’re always looking at the next best design to help you block harmful UVA/B rays and stay dry at the same time. Check out our newest arrivals and help replant and restore coastal ecosystems.

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