Twin brothers on a mission
to change the world.
One mangrove at a time.

377,421 mangroves planted and counting.

Mangroves are essential to our global ecosystem.

Mangroves don’t just improve our water quality and provide life for thousands of marine life species, they also stabilize our coast and trap carbon to keep our planet healthy.


carbon sequestration tree in the world


of marine life rely on mangroves for habitat

$2.7 Trillion

in ecosystem benefits provided by mangroves

The MANG® Story

Family Owned, Family Grown

Mangroves don’t just improve our water quality and provide life for thousands of marine life species, they also stabilize our coast and trap carbon to keep our planet healthy.


Since 2015, MANG® has grown each mangrove by hand for all of our Florida projects. We cultivate our mangroves for two years or more before planting in the wild and water them using fresh salt water to ensure our MANGs are ready for whatever nature throws them.


At MANG®, we believe in educating our followers and the next generation of Mini MANGs about the importance of eco-restoration and preservation. By utilizing our brand as a vessel to deliver knowledge, we can build hope for future generations.


At MANG®, we live what we teach, because we’re mission-driven to our core. Our director of sustainability, KJ (aka Momma MANG®), is helping us decrease our environmental footprint by eliminating all single use plastics in our manufacturing by early 2021.

How to Get Involved


Help Tend and Plant MANGs

Come get your hands dirty and become a MANG Botanist. Each month, MANG holds nursery events open to the public at our HQ in West Palm Beach, FL. This is a great way for our local community to immerse themselves in the world of mangroves, interacting with our staff and exploring our ongoing restoration methods.

There are both nursery and planting excursions open to our volunteers, if you want to join us in the wild. Become a volunteer today to get exclusive access to our future planting events in the wild.


Teaching The Next Generation

To push our mission forward, we know it is essential to continue educating future generations. Education is a cornerstone MANG, and we have multiple opportunities for schools and citizens to learn more about the world’s critically endangered coastal habitats.

MANG partners with schools and teachers for guest speaking educational units, field trips to plant mangroves, and nursery visits. Let’s teach our future generations about how easy it is to make a positive impact on our local and global ecosystem.


Spread the Good Word, MANG

Do you have an eye for capturing the moment or just love being in the outdoors? Are you as passionate about eco-restoration and conservation as we are?

We welcome you to join our tribe and share the journey together. MANG’s brand ambassadors come from all different walks, backgrounds, and industries—but we all share a committed passion for making a positive impact in our communities.


Invest in Our Shared Community

Looking to add a brand to your planogram that makes a big impact in our communities? Invite MANG® to be apart of your store front!

Our unique designs and Buy One. Plant One.® initiative are a great way to turn the tide with some fresh MANG® gear. We release new collections each month and have flexible MOQs (minimum order quantities) to best match your sales program.

Join the MANG Family

MANG® is more than a business, it’s a community of like-minded individuals out to change the world, one mangrove at a time.

In 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin came together with one mission in mind – to change the world one mangrove at a time. Since then, we’ve built a global family of people who care about the water, environment, and the overall wellbeing of the great outdoors.

We are stoked to be leading the movement for environmental change and restoration of our coastlines. However, we can’t do it without you, MANG®! To learn more about our Buy One. Plant One. initiative, head over to Our Mission and see what we’re up to.