Ethical Sourcing
& Sustainability

Building Healthier Coastlines

Creating true environmental change requires more than just offsetting your carbon footprint. It requires transparency in your supply chain while you source fabrics made ethically, sustainably, and with the highest quality. Come learn more about each product you love at MANG, and help us build a more sustainable future.

Woman on the water wearing a MANG Daze Rays performance longsleeve shirt

Performance Shirts

Discover the excellence of our UPF shirts, sourced from a USA company that ethically looms their fabric in Colombia. Not only does this fabric boast exceptional quality, but it's also a testament to fair wages and sustainable energy practices.

With an impressive UPF 50 rating, our shirts provide 98% protection from harmful UVA/B rays, allowing you to forgo sunscreen and join us in safeguarding ocean reefs. They carry the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation so the whole family can enjoy the sun without the burn. With moisture and odor-wicking technology built right in, these shirts keep you fresh all day long.

Embracing sustainability, our commitment shines through with our on-demand printing approach for performance shirts. Every shirt you order is custom made, reducing retail waste significantly. Unlike typical retailers, where unsold items contribute to landfills, our approach aligns with a more environmentally conscious future.



Unearthing the ultimate comfort was no small feat, but we found it in the Caribbean. Our dedication to sourcing our shirts from this hemisphere remains unwavering. The result? Cotton tees that effortlessly marry the finest butter-soft cotton-poly blend with a classic fit. Experience durability and comfort like never before. 

Close-up shot of man in MANG Apparel riding a boat


Rooted in a fusion of style, ethics and sustainability, our premium hats are a statement of conscious fashion. Handcrafted in Bangladesh, each hat represents our dedication to fair labor practices. What's more, our commitment to the environment shines through with brims made from recycled materials, exemplifying our pledge to reduce waste. 

Two MANG woven bracelets wrapper around a woman's wrist

Woven Bracelets

To create the perfect bracelet for MANG, we partnered with Wanderer who hand makes their jewelry in Bali. The bands and the wooden charms are handcrafted, making each a one-of-a-kind creation—and the charms themselves are sustainably made from local up-cycled wood. Even the bags are screen printed and stitched in the same Balinese village.

MANG branded product packaging
MANG products inside shipping box

Our Shipping Process

Our move to a more sustainable shipping process meant evaluating our fulfillment processes. For smaller orders, we ship using a recycled Kraft mailer that's sea turtle safe and printed with algae-based ink. For larger orders, we currently ship using a cardboard mailer and non-toxic recyclable gum tape.