Plant a mangrove and pull 5 pounds of ocean plastic

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Coastal Restoration Collection


Gear That Gives

On the hunt for some functional gear that looks good and gives back? You've come to the right place, MANG! Our performance shirts are perfect for fishing, swimming, surfing, hiking, and all things outdoors. Not only are they super breathable and lightweight but they're built to last. Featuring UPF 50 sun protection and the Skin Cancer Foundation seal of approval.

Creating a Community That Cares

MANG volunteer planting mangrove seedlings in soil

Planting mangroves to improve water quality, provide life for thousands of marine life species, and stabilize our coast to trap carbon and keep our planet healthy.

Young mangrove seedling sticking out of soil and water

By utilizing our brand as a means to deliver knowledge on the importance of eco-restoration and preservation we can build hope for future generations.

Keith Rossin of MANG Gear steering a boat with MANG Performance Longsleeve shirt and Hat

How our clothes are made is just as important as why they’re made. That’s why every UPF shirt carries the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Rossin Brothers posing for a photo with people on a boat wearing MANG apparel

Built for Mother Nature

We work to create products that can stand up to what mother nature has to throw at them. This means we’re always looking at the next best design to help you block harmful UVA/B rays and stay dry at the same time. Check out our newest arrivals and help replant and restore coastal ecosystems.

Close-up of man fishing while wearing a MANG Lobster long sleeve shirt


Close-up of a woman wearing a turquoise MANG Tri-Leaf trucker hat


MANG founders Kyle and Keith Rossin posing for a photo with potted mangrove plants

Family Owned,
Family Grown

Since 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin have grown each mangrove by hand for all of MANG's Florida planting projects.

As MANG keeps growing, we’re not only planting mangrove forests throughout Florida, we're also planting internationally in an effort to affect positive change in countries and coastlines affected by deforestation and pollution across the globe.