Building Our Mangrove Nursery

Building Our Mangrove Nursery

by Nick Hammond on Jul 19, 2023

A few weeks ago volunteers helped us to painstakingly update a few of the mangrove ponds in our nursery.
There was a lot of mud, rain, sweat, and tears...
Tears of joy that is!


Community That Cares

In With The New

4 new troughs were created which involved separating the roots of overgrown mangroves, tearing down the old ponds, and building up the new ones.
All of the mangroves planted at our Florida planting projects come from this very nursery. Right here on premises at the MANG HQ!

Creating a Community That Cares

We sell apparel that you love in order to protect the planet you love.
Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. We continue to be inspired by our volunteers and educating others about the importance of mangroves. 🌎🌱


Learn more about our planting efforts as we work to change the world, by heading over to Our Mission page.

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