Beautiful underwater view of a coral reef


by Chuck Gestefield on Feb 01, 2019

Mangroves vs. Coral Reefs

Finding the interconnectivity between mangroves and corals must be looked at from a topographical view. Our immense interest in protecting mangroves has brought about the story of connectivity. This February, MANG’s focus is to connect coral reefs to mangrove ecosystems and establish their unique symbiotic relationship. Like a rolling wave our focus is to embellish the two connections on how important of a role each one plays in our ecosystems and how each other’s unique characteristics feed off each other.  

Both Corals and Mangroves act as buffers to our oceans immense power. Corals provide breakwaters to protect the erosion of sediment in mangrove ecosystems while mangroves establish our shorelines to help buffer land erosion to decrease sediment overload. Without mangroves, sediment released from the land would overcome the coral reefs eventually resulting in their excavation.

Embracing the fact that the health of both ecosystems rely upon each other is a story of harmony. Mangroves shelter 75% of all juvenile fish species, these species then grow up and migrate to our coral reef ecosystems. It’s here that they thrive, reproduce and use the abundance of resources to further life. Mangroves are the key to productive reef systems and act as guardians to multitudes of life throughout the world. These protectors of our coastlines are the base for all life on earth and can be deemed the most at risk to changing climate factors.

For the month of February, MANG is collaborating with Coral Restoration Foundation™ by donating a portion of proceeds from our Coral Restoration Octamang Collection, to coral reef restoration and protection. Since the 1970s, the Florida Reef Tract has lost almost 97% of its once-dominant staghorn and elkhorn coral. These species are now critically endangered. Help us save coral reefs today and plant a mangrove in your name through our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative.



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