Mother and young son volunteering at the MANG Headquarters mangrove nursey

Educate & Empower

by Chuck Gestefield on Oct 24, 2018

Why do we fight for clean water? At the beginning of the month or beloved east coast had started to see signs of red tide flushing in and out of our estuaries. This affected our fisheries and left a large impact on our community. MANG was signed up to participate in a community event with the county on October 19th, along with a mass of volunteers to go plant sapling mangroves and pods of spartina grass. This past week, bands of pressure were pushing the tide back towards our coastline, for the safety of the kids we pivoted and invited this group of avid volunteers to come participate in a nursery day at the MANG HQ.


We were able to teach about the mangroves and accomplish our nursery goal 10,000 mangroves planted! This year in October MANG has planted over 20,000 mangroves worldwide celebrating 3 years in the business.  We had a great day teaching the youth and giving them the opportunity to plant their first mangroves.

Educating the next generation on the importance of mangrove ecosystems is just as important as planting itself. At MANG, we take it as our duty to educate the community on the importance of mangrove ecosystems and to empower them into action. Our hope for the next generation is a passion and appreciation for the environment and the great outdoors. Changing the world one mangrove at a time. Buy One. Plant One.

We thank you for your continuing support, as we will continue our efforts.

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  • Natasha Allen
    Jul 17, 2020 at 11:12

    I would very much love to volunteer. Please contact me via email. Thank you


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