Two MANG volunteers planting mangrove seedlings in the soil in the Bahamas

February 03, 2022 | Volunteers Replant Trees to Help Rebuild Grand Bahama Shoreline

by Chuck Gestefield on Feb 03, 2022

February 03, 2022: Magnetic Media: "Volunteers Replant Trees to Help Rebuild Grand Bahama Shoreline"

Lewis and members from MANG GEAR, Bahamas National Trust, Kiwanis Club, Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, Department of Marine Resources and Forestry Unit from the Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources, with friends of the environment and local bonefish guides along with students from Bishop Michael Eldon School and Lucaya International School braved the cold to be ferried by boat from East End Lodge, which hosted the event, and transported across the flats to wetlands in the Rocky Creek area, which were heavily damaged by Hurricane Dorian two years ago.

The area where the replanting took place was especially critical, according to Lewis, after a comprehensive survey showed that Hurricane Dorian in 2019 destroyed 74% of the mangroves that once protected Grand Bahama shores and may have saved lives by doing so during the powerful Cat 5 storm.

Read Magnetic Media's article here. 


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