How to Design Graphics for Sun Protection Shirts

How to Design Graphics for Sun Protection Shirts

by Nick Hammond on Jun 01, 2021

Sun protective shirts have become a popular way to safeguard skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. When creating designs for these specialty garments, graphic choices must align with sun safety while also being visually engaging when printed on fabric.

Selecting Highly Detailed, Intricate Imagery for Maximum Visual Interest

For sun shirts, conventional wisdom suggests using simple graphics that translate clearly in print. However, more complex, intricate designs can actually grab attention better than minimalist images. The key is choosing designs with strategic complexity over totally chaotic busyness.

Incorporate fine details like textures, patterns, and varying line weights, but anchor them with bolder shapes and color blocks. Taking note of key graphic design principles outlined by the calculated creative. Photographic elements can make striking backgrounds behind illustrated graphics. Aim for overlapping, layered images that create depth and sophistication.

Just take care not to choose designs with details so tiny they get lost when printed. Scale any small components accordingly. Visually balance dense areas with negative space for contrast. Follow principles of thoughtful composition when blending photographic and graphic elements for multidimensional, captivating prints.

Using an Impactful Color Palette With Vibrant, Complementary Hues

Color selection sets the tone for sun shirt graphics. Strive for bright, bold color combinations that contrast strongly. Vibrant hues like neon turquoise, lime green, and fuchsia make designs pop against the fabric. Complementary color pairs also create lively contrast, like purple with yellow or blue with orange.

Stay away from pale, subdued tones that will fade into the background. Richer saturated shades have greater presence. Don't be afraid to blend some tonal variation too, contrasting brighter accents with deeper hues. This adds dimensionality while maintaining vibrancy. Metallic inks lend eye-catching sheen.

Always test colored designs on real shirt material before printing final versions. The fabric dyes can alter hues significantly from how they appear digitally. Assess colors and contrasts on the actual shirts. Follow color theory for palettes with maximum pop.

Strategic Scaling and Placement for Visual Impact Across the Garment

Properly scaling and positioning complex graphics are key. Anchor busier patterns with solid color blocking to avoid visual overload. Use selective oversizing of details for emphasis against ample negative space. Vary image sizes across front and back for balanced density.

Account for how prints will scale down from digital versions. Allow intricate details room to shine without getting lost in translation. Place bolder graphics on the back with more delicate fronts for well-rounded designs. Ensure consistent alignment of repeating pattern elements.

Follow principles of strong layout and composition. Use white space judiciously to let complex designs breathe. Experiment with graphic weighting and hierarchy for visual flow. All elements should cohere despite intricacy. With thoughtful scaling and placement, multifaceted graphics make captivating sun shirt prints.

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