MANG and Florida Fishing Products coming together to help recover after Hurrican Irma

Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

by Chuck Gestefield on Oct 10, 2017

This past weekend, two Florida companies came together for one Florida cause. MANG and Florida Fishing Products united in Everglades City, a coastal town that both companies have enjoyed fishing over the years. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Irma hit Florida, this small fishing village was severely devastated. As we pulled into town, we saw piles of debris and trees scattered on the roads.
Our journey started at a local supply drive at which MANG and Florida Fishing Products dropped off the supplies that were donated through our campaign, at various drop-off locations throughout Florida. This included drinking water, gloves, and various cleaning supplies. Locked and loaded with respirators, our first project began at a small green home off of Copeland Avenue that had been inundated with flood water. Our team of volunteers began ripping out cabinets, tearing up floor boards, and towing out trees. Board by board, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to this state we call home. However, in that moment, it really set in that it wouldn’t be possible for us to restore every home or every community that had been devastated by Hurricane Irma.
Everglades City was only one of the hundreds of communities that were affected by this Hurricane. We challenge you to take a day of your time, or find a supply drive near you, and give back to the areas that need our help most after this natural disaster. We can all play a part in restoring our state. Although we don’t call Everglades City home, we do call Florida home. And since we call Florida home, we take it as our responsibility to nurture it back to its original state. We can’t do this alone. As Floridians, it is our duty to help our local communities affected by any sort of natural disaster, and with your help, we CAN make a difference.
Join us, MANG and Florida Fishing Products, and #LetsHelpFlorida.

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