Jupiter Lighthouse Update

Jupiter Lighthouse Update

by Nick Hammond on May 12, 2022

Last month we returned to our planting site at the historic Jupiter Lighthouse to an astounding 70% success rate in our growing mangroves!

Oh, and did we mention we spotted a manatee in the inlet? Providing us with a stunning example of how mangroves attract life.

Ensuring Long-term Success

Because The Jupiter Lighthouse shoreline is receding due to tides, boat wake, and sea level rise, we decided to dig up and re-plant several mangroves that were just a little too far out. Sometimes a little bit of routine maintenance helps ensure long-term project success.

Unfortunately, 3 acres of The Jupiter Lighthouse is lost to Shoreline retreat every year. As we continue to restore mangrove habitat, we will reestablish hard stabilization of the shoreline and help preserve this National historic treasure.

Essential to our Global Ecosystems

Mangroves don’t just improve our water quality and provide life for thousands of marine life species, they also stabilize our coast and trap carbon to keep our planet healthy.🌎🌱

Through our Buy One, Plant One® initiative we're working to replant and restore mangrove ecosystems across the globe. Learn more about our planting efforts as we work to change the world, by heading over to Our Mission page.

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