MANG TV Presents: Saving Brush Cay

MANG TV Presents: Saving Brush Cay

by Nick Hammond on Feb 02, 2023

In honor of World Wetlands Day our latest episode of MANG TV highlights a special restoration of a decimated wildlife sanctuary called Brush Cay.

This planting mission was a team effort including Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, Friends of the Environment, and Bahamas National Trust as a part of the ongoing Bahamas Restoration Initiative which has planted over 30,000 mangroves!


A Crippled Ecosystem

Hurricane Dorian destroyed 70% of viable mangrove habitat in The Bahamas. Many key wildlife areas were destroyed by what is now considered the worst weather event to ever hit The Bahamas. What was once lush forest providing habitat to birds and marine life was reduced to sticks by category 5 winds.


Brush Kay Planting


Help Fund Restoration

Projects like these have always been the foundation of MANG's efforts since the company's inception by teaching best in class practices for mangrove restoration, and ultimately growing a new generation that cares about Mother Nature.

Through our Buy One, Plant One® initiative you can help fund restoration efforts and help us to replant and restore coastal ecosystems across the globe. 🌎🌱


Learn more about our planting efforts as we work to change the world, by heading over to Our Mission page.

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