The Decline of Mangroves

The Decline of Mangroves

by Kyle Rossin on Sep 21, 2018


That mangroves are on the decline by 50% worldwide?

Mangroves are critical habitats to our coastlines and coastal communities. People around the globe depend on mangroves for food, safety, and livelihood as well protection from storm surges, rising sea levels, and soil erosion. Mangroves provide habitat for many marine wildlife and are a keystone species within the estuary.

The main factors causing mangrove decline around the world include coastal development, natural disasters, shrimp farming, and charcoal farming.

MANG's mission is to see coastal ecosystems flourish. With this goal in mind we founded our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative. Through this initiative - one mangrove is planted for every product purchased.

Join us in Changing the World One Mangrove at a Time. 

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