Grouper Moon- December

For the Month of December MANG is all about the grouper. Not any grouper but the Nassau grouper. We have decided to partner up with REEF, who is working on a specialized project called the Grouper Moon Project. This project is designed to shed light on the challenges that the species face, as resources become more pressured.

The Nassau grouper is normally solitary and territorial, during the winter full moons grouper travel, sometimes over great distances, and “group” together to spawn. About fifty of these spawning aggregations sites have been recorded in different places throughout the Caribbean. Historically, once discovered, grouper aggregation sites have become synonymous with fisherman aggregation sites. Due to the timing and site fidelity of the spawning aggregations and the ease with which these relative loners can be caught while congregating by the hundreds and thousands to spawn, one-third to one-half of the known Caribbean aggregation sites are now inactive. The Cayman Islands used to be home to five Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) spawning sites. Today, four of these sites are dormant or depleted. But one site, on the west end of Little Cayman Island, is home to one of the last great reproductive populations of this endangered species. (Information from

What is REEF?

Reef stands for “Reef Environmental Education Foundation” which is a conservation based foundation that focuses on long term health of the world’s reef ecosystems. Their mission is to protect our oceans biodiversity and marine life, through observation and field research. Their mission has allowed REEF to inspire citizen science and education as a way to elevate and engage our communities.  

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