Our Move to
Sustainable Shipping

Single-use plastic free
for 2022 and beyond.

In 2020, MANG started our move to a more sustainable shipping process. This meant evaluating our fulfillment partner’s current practices and seeing how we could maintain their current piece-per-minute packaging rate while incorporating more Earth-friendly materials.

Through motion studies and a ton of deep digging, we found some materials that work for shipments of 1-2 pieces of apparel. Now, we’re continuing our exploration to see how we can create a fully single-use plastic free shipment process by 2022.

Our Current
Shipping Process

For packages of 1-2 items of apparel, we ship using a recycled Kraft mailer printed with algae-based ink, which is sea turtle safe. That means you can feel safe putting your entire mailer in the recycling or compost bin with no harmful side effects.

For larger orders, we currently ship using a cardboard mailer and non-toxic, recyclable gum tape.


MANG®’s eco-stewardship goal for 2022 is to use only turtle-safe shipping and packaging materials: plastic-free mailers, and non-toxic inks and adhesives. We also source all our packaging materials in the USA to further reduce our carbon footprint. Starting this July, we will be packing our shirts in glassine sleeves and shipping both small and large orders in our custom-branded, 100% recycled kraft paper mailers.

Most importantly, MANG's customers are part of the story! In the materials economy, circularity—or reusing an item several times before recycling or composting—makes good sense. MANG’s kraft mailers can be reused a couple of times then recycled or composted where they naturally biodegrade.