Guanaja, Honduras

Working with Fish for Change and Fly Fish Gaunaja, MANG worked to restore widespread damage to the island that affected more than just the mangroves.

138,514 lbs

of blue carbon sequestered

56 Acres

of mangrove forests created worldwide

$4.3 Million

in ecosystem benefits provided by mangroves

In 2018, Hurricane Mitch brought wind speeds up to 180 mph, leveling mangrove forests on the island of Guanaja. Located just off the coast of Honduras, the loss of mangroves also meant the loss of fish, affecting sport fish as well as the local economy which relies on those fish as a source of daily protein.

Once the forests began rooting, fish immediately began returning to the island, reestablishing and rooting this vital ecosystem. And with MANG’s Buy One. Plant One.® promise, every piece of apparel you purchase gets us one step closer to saving the world, one mangrove at a time.

Come shop our collections and join the movement to change the world, one mangrove at a time.