Propagule Collection Project

We’re collecting mangroves, and you can help, MANG!

Every year, mangroves are deforested, harmed by rising sea levels, or devastated by hurricanes and storm surge. To help further our planting efforts across Florida, MANG is launching a public propagule and seed collection project, and whether you’re a Mini MANG or a grownup, you can help!

Don’t worry, we built ya a step-by-step guide.

Check out our Propagule Collection Guide for more on how to recognize healthy MANGs, how to store them, and where to drop them off. It’s got everything you need to begin collecting in the wild and joining the mission.
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Diagram showing the differences of Red Mangrove Propagules and White and Black Mangrove seeds.


Gather them MANGs

You can find red, white, and black mangrove propagules and seeds floating in the water, up small creeks, in the intercoastal waterway, and stacked up along seawalls or boat ramps. Don't collect any that are dried out, broken in half, or missing they're terminal bud. Healthy MANGs look like the ones pictured here.

You cannot collect propagules or seeds from state parks, national parks, or directly from trees, so be respectful of Mother Nature! We always want to make sure that the seeds are fully mature and ready to go into the next cycle of life, MANG.

Diagram explaining how to store red, white or black mangrove seeds and propagules between days 1-3 and days 4-10.


Store them MANGs

Store your red, white, and black MANGs in a bucket, large bin, or anything that has a lid. Keep bins or buckets in cool dry areas where they are not exposed to the direct elements. The quicker you can get them to a drop-off location the better.

Storing for 1-3 Days: For the short term, you can use bins or buckets with lids to lock in as much moisture as possible to keep the mangroves from drying out.

Storing for 4-10 Days: If you are unable to make it to a drop of location within a few days, stack the propagules in the vertical position with the terminal buds facing up and the lid off. Add 5 inches of water and check daily to make sure your mangroves have enough water and are looking good. It is good to flush the water every two days to avoid that low-tide smell and let them MANGs breathe!

Woman with white shortsleeve performance shirt on walking through sand to deliver mangrove seedlings


Drop them MANGs

Depending on where you live in Florida, you can drop your props off at one of the locations listed below!

Thank you for your efforts to help us restore mangrove ecosystems into the future. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to our support team at

Drop-Off Locations

East Coast Florida:


312 Pine Way Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

West Coast Florida:

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation HQ
3333 Sanibel-Captiva Road
Sanibel, FL 33957

Join the MANG Family

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