MANG Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS - XS-White
MANG Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS - -
MANG Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS - -
MANG Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS - XS-Seagrass

Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS

The Loggerhead Turtle design was inspired by the Loggerhead sea turtle an iconic coastal creature that takes full advantage of Florida's coastlines. The design incorporates our mangrove root pattern right into the sea turtle to help showcase your love for the MANGs we plant.
Size: XS
Color: White

The Loggerhead Turtle design was inspired by the Loggerhead sea turtle an iconic coastal creature that takes full advantage of Florida's coastlines. The design incorporates our mangrove root pattern right into the sea turtle to help showcase your love for the MANGs we plant. 

Our long-sleeve tees are super breathable to keep you fresh and cool in the sun or shade and they’re printed in the USA right in Pompano Beach, FL. When you wear MANG®, you join a movement of people who are banded together to protect, preserve and restore our ecosystems. The future depends upon stewards stepping up to the cause to protect our Earth today. 

Through MANG's Buy One. Plant One.® initiative, your purchase will also plant a mangrove in your honor to help us restore and preserve our coastal ecosystems. Learn more about our planting and how we're working to change our communities at Our Mission.  


UPF 50 + 

Sun protection built right into our 100% polyester fabrics, which means less sunscreen on you and in the water.


Moisture Wicking fabric dries fast, so you stay comfortable outdoors, on the job or out fishing on the boat.   


Fight odors at the source, to stay fresh no matter what the day throws at you.  


Whether you’re fishing the flats or relaxing on the beach, our all-season shirts are ready for adventure. 


Did you know that MANG® shirts make an excellent base layer for colder climates, so you may get out and enjoy a day on the slopes? 


Hot or Cold our fabrics won’t stretch or shrink like average tees, even after hours of manging around town. 

Ultra light and soft. Comfortable microfiber fabric moves with you but won't click or stretch out. Crewneck. Fits true-to-size. Tapered wrists keep sleeves from falling down. Shirt length hits just below the hip to prevent riding up while active.

UPF 50



Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval

Every MANG performance shirt carries the skin cancer foundation seal of approval - meeting their criteria for effective UV sun protection.

To earn the Seal of Recommendation, a manufacturer must provide scientific data showing that its product sufficiently and safely aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin. The data is reviewed by a committee of photobiologists - experts in the study of the interaction between ultraviolet radiation and the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joyce Kesling

Love these shirts. They're light, not clingy and sun proof. And I'm helping support our ecosystem. I'm also professional dog trainer and behavior specialist, so I spend a lot of time outside.

angela gardner

Always happy with Mang gear. I do wish some of the colors offered in mens long sleeve shirts, like the orange and green, were offered in womens as well.

angela gardner

Consistent quality and comfort. Love my Mang!

Marilyn Bohman

Loggerhead Turtley MANG - Women's - LS


My MANG LS women's shirts have been an answer of prayer. I'm not suppose to be in the sun buy love gardening. Its too hit to wear protective clothing, and sunscreen I hate. When I discovered this website I loved the Mission behind the apparel. What a great way to expose the mission but to wear attractive conversational wear. When I wore my first shirt, I had to order another one. Then another. It is so cool breathing. Light weight. Drys the colors which are even prettier in has a stretch to it, that keeps it's shape even when wet. I wash mine in the sink and it's dry in hours.. Stains come out easily. Great quality shirts. The designs are great. Im 5'3" 110lbs and normally get size small. In this I got the medium. Being long sleeve I wanted it loose. Surprisingly it's not swallowing me. Its just what I wanted. I like how the arms designed where it can stay up when I push my sleeve up in forearm. Most Long sleeve slid down. Can't say enough good about this shirt . I will be buying more. Probably gifts for Florida relatives. The only suggestion would be more colors since I want one for Last, I wish all the shirts had the logo name of the shirts theme. The Growing in Peace logo no where for anyone too read. I love them. Thank you for your work in saving our coastal system .