Sailfish Blue Crush Sticker
Sailfish Blue Crush Sticker

Sailfish Blue Crush Sticker

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For the month of November, MANG is partnering with the West Palm Beach Fishing Club!  Founded in 1934, the WPBFC has been fighting for the sailfish, one of the fastest marine creatures and favorite in recreational fishing. Eighty-five years strong, the club continues to play a leadership role in South Florida marine conservation, innovation, and education. Since 1938 the WPBFC, an environmental role-model, is credited for being the first to develop and promote the use of red, catch and release pennants as an alternative to bringing sailfish back to the dock.

The WPBFC is truly a historic organization. Sportsmen and fishermen spend a lot of time on the water and are often the first ones to notice a problem with local fish populations. Consequently, they are also the first ones to sound the alarm that something is not right. Over the decades the WPBFC has filled a niche in the community in a variety of ways such as introducing kids to fishing, creating artificial reefs and partnering up with environmental organizations to protect our natural resources.  





The Buy One. Plant One. Initiative

In 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin came together with one mission in mind – to change the world one mangrove at a time. This mission was cultivated through a passion for the environment and coastal communities around the world. The twins needed a means to fund this mission and thus MANG was born. MANG is a high-performance apparel company that plants one mangrove for every product sold. The Buy One. Plant One.® initiative is more than just planting mangroves. It’s about preserving and restoring coastal habitats and communities. 

Why mangroves?

  1. Act as a buffer between land and sea protecting the land against storm surges, boat wakes, and natural disasters.
  2. Hold sediment in place, preventing soil erosion and creating cleaner water ways.
  3. Provide habitat for all fish, crustacean, and bird species.
  4. #1 carbon sequestration tree in the world, locking down and providing carbon to our nearshore and offshore environments.
  5. Provide nutrients through falling of leaves & branches, also known as detritus. This is the start of the food web in our oceans.

Mangroves are a keystone species. Without mangroves, our coastal environments would suffer. At MANG we hope to inspire others who have the same passion to protect, preserve, and enjoy the resources that we have. With your support we can all make a difference and ensure healthy ecology for generations to come.