Keith and Kyle Rossin posing together for a photo while holding mangrove seedlings

2019 Outstanding Young Environmentalists

by Chuck Gestefield on Feb 21, 2019

This Past weekend MANG Co-Founders Keith and Kyle Rossin were presented with an award from JCI Florida for Outstanding Young Environmentalists. This award was given to show respect for their contribution to the world and the state of Florida. Honored on Saturday Night, the MANG Bros were ecstatic to receive such an award, as their mission is to empower and promote positive change in our communities.  Kyle Said “When we started MANG our mission was to inspire at least one young person to give back to our ecosystems or community and we have already achieved this goal.” Keith and Kyle never thought that they would receive an award for their stewardship and are thankful for the hard work of JCI and those who nominated them for the award.

Kyle and Keith Rossin

Outstanding Young Environmentalist recognizes the outstanding contribution to environmental understanding made by a young professional.

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  • Kay
    Feb 22, 2019 at 16:22

    Well deserved! Yea!


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