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MANG Bros Visit Coral Restoration Foundation

by Chuck Gestefield on Feb 27, 2019

Have you ever wondered what the oceans would be like without coral reefs? Well this week the MANG Brothers, Keith and Kyle, made a trip down to the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) Headquarters to learn more about the future of Florida’s coral reefs. Greeted by two top staff members Alex (coral planter & data manager) and Martha (the fundraiser), whom took the MANG brothers on a journey through the many aspects of CRF’s restoration processes and ongoing projects in the Florida Keys. Like the journey for the MANG brothers, CRF sees hope in the future of our coral reef ecosystems and coastal environments. Our job on this earth is to be stewards for mother nature, preserving and conserving the resources we have and taking all measures to see its survival in the future.

Many people do not know that Florida use to be a bustling metropolis for Coral Reefs called the Florida Reef Tract. Once a year the reefs throw a party and release their fireworks into the water (sperm and eggs). These fertilized eggs would then meet nearby reefs adding to each reefs biodiversity to form new coral reef colonies. Unfortunately the reefs have taken a turn, changes in our environment have forced corals to release their zooxanthellae and ultimately starving the once lively rock to death. This has made CRF band together to collect future corals (test tube babies) to breed the next generation of Corals with neighboring colonies. This collection process during spawn events takes place just once a year, giving them the exclusive opportunity to migrate different genotypes of corals in the lab. These now hybrid corals can be more resilient to disease and our ever changing climates and could ultimately be the key to success of restoration projects into the future.

CRF is here to help! Hope is in the water, with new technology and new ways to recruit and restore corals back to our ecosystems. CRF Coral Trees™ show how each year CRF learns more about there techniques and procedures. Creating new methods to improve future survivorship for the last known strands of staghorn and elkhorn corals. A key to future success will be the ability to continue innovative practices that can be mimicked on a local and international platform. MANG was beyond ecstatic to be a partner this month with CRF and is thankful for all the support from our followers and tribe to be apart of this awesome cause. MANG and CRF will continue to be apart of the fight for our coastal ecosystems and near shore environments.


Thank you Coral Restoration Foundation!

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