MANG TV: Planting Video Roundup

MANG TV: Planting Video Roundup

by Nick Hammond on May 04, 2023



It's one thing to read about the positive impact your purchases have made but it's an entirely different experience to see it in action.

That's why we rounded up 3 of our favorite MANG TV episodes (all under 4 minutes) to show you what our plantings look like in the wild.

Find your favorite and get to watching!

Monceaux Park

MANG collaborated with Palm Beach County ERM and county organizations to educate students from Conniston Middle School. This experience was significant for many students, as it was their first time seeing the ocean.
By planting mangroves and educating young minds, MANG is helping to cultivate a sense of environmental responsibility and awareness in the next generation.




Jupiter Lighthouse

In celebration of Arbor Day, MANG teamed up with the Bureau of Land Management to plant a diverse array of mangroves, including Red, Black, and White varieties.

This effort not only contributes to the natural biodiversity of the area but also helps to establish a vital transition zone. In addition, the video serves as a great example of MANG's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.




Tarpon Cove

MANG discusses the importance of mangrove restoration and highlights the power of education to inspire positive change within communities.

The collaboration with Palm Beach Day Academy and Palm Beach County ERM has helped MANG to plant mangroves successfully and complete the final stage of the Tarpon Cove restoration project. MANG continues to make significant strides towards a healthier and more sustainable planet through partnerships and education.




Help Fund Restoration

Mangroves don’t just improve our water quality and provide life for thousands of species, they also stabilize our coast and trap carbon to keep our planet healthy.🌎🌱

Through our Buy One, Plant One® initiative we're working to replant and restore mangrove ecosystems across the globe. Learn more about our planting efforts as we work to change the world, by heading over to Our Mission page.

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