Why Plant Mangroves?

Why Plant Mangroves?

by Nick Hammond on May 18, 2023

MANG's roots are right here in the state of Florida.

And it's here that the co-founders (and twins) Keith and Kyle Rossin's love of coastal ecosystems blossomed.

It's been 8 years since their first project and there's no end in sight.


Keith and I used to run every show and event together and now we've got a great couple teammates that are helping us to push the ball forward...I worked on the water all through high school and I always knew I would love doing something that allowed me to surrounded myself with the water.

-Kyle Rossin


The Catalyst

Mangroves became the catalyst that tied together the twins passion for fishing and the environments they hold so dear.
 Planting these incredible trees works to enhance shorelines, prevent erosion, and provide habitat for thousands of marine species. Becoming a testament of time and showcasing how resilient ecosystems can become when given the proper resources.




Change the World, One Mangrove at a Time

By creating micro ecosystems via mangrove planting we're restoring the greatness of both inshore and offshore habitats.

With the introduction of new mangroves we quickly see the return of endangered bird species and fish. Providing habitat for up to 70% of all marine life. 🌎🌱


Learn more about our planting efforts as we work to change the world, by heading over to Our Mission page.

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