Loggerhead Turtley MANG

Mangroves are mission critical to all sea life. 75% of all coastal species start life in the estuary. However, the impact of mangrove ecosystems goes far beyond the estuary, providing nutrients and abundant life to our offshore reefs. If the mangroves aren't robust and healthy, the turtle population is going to decline. Sea turtles play a huge role in our ecosystem, starting as hatchlings on our beaches growing up to 1,000 pounds by eating jellyfish and crustaceans. For the month of January, MANG is collaborating with Loggerhead Marinelife Center by donating a portion of proceeds from our “Loggerhead Turtley MANG Collection”, to sea turtle conservation. Help us save sea turtles today and plant a mangrove in your name through our Buy One. Plant One. Initiative.


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