Hurricane Dorian destroyed 69 square miles of mangrove forests in the Bahamas. MANG is partnering with Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to rebuild those habitats and restore those ecosystems for future generations.

Behind the Collection

Mangrove forests are critical to protecting against island erosion and sequestering carbon, and they also are habitat to marine life like bonefish. If we don’t act now to restore these forests, then flats fisheries and the industries that rely on them might also disappear.


Under normal conditions, mangroves reproduce by dropping their seeds or propagules and Mother Nature helps select and root them. But with so much devastation—up to 78% of forests destroyed on Grand Bahama Island—Mother Nature needs a kick start to offset decades of waiting and critical shoreline erosion.


Working with Bahamas National Trust and Friends of the Environment (FRIENDS), BTT and MANG have led hydrologic surveying and test planted 6,038 mangroves during our evaluation phase. And over the next five years, we’ll be working to plant an additional 100,000 mangroves to provide a critical kick start to the regrowth.


In partnership with BNT and FRIENDS, MANG is not only providing mangroves, but also teaching nursery practices to grow healthy mangroves ready for planting—as well as building educational materials that will be used locally to teach about the importance of these forests to the entire ecosystem of the islands. “We’re doing this vital work to ensure that the flats fishery, which has an annual economic impact over $169 million for The Bahamas, remains viable,” explains BTT’s Bahamas Initiative Manager, Justin Lewis.

  • 10% of all proceeds from the BTT Bahamas collection go directly to our combined planting and educational efforts in the Bahamas.
  • Your support brings visible awareness to the collected efforts of MANG and BTT to help the Bahamas restore and protect their island for future generations.

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